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The Recent Performed Enrichment in Pasta Industry

One of the biggest challenges in food industry is producing inexpensive and high nutritional value foods. Wheat has a significant role in human’s food diet and is considered as a main agricultural product around the world. Pasta I a rich product of carbohydrates and non-cholesterol which has a low level of fat and sodium; however, considering vital amino acid level such as lysine and threonine, it seems really poor. Pasta is popular in human community for being economical, easy to use and in different shapes. Regarding extrusion stage in production, it is easy to add additives to pasta formulation. Amount and type of additives in pasta is identified by food and drug organization of the USA. Hence, the most recent enrichment performed in this industry are enrichment by apricot’s pit flour, mustard protein isolation, resistant starch, pea flour without shuck, fermentative flour of pigeon pea, soya protein isolation, peanut flour, green tea powder, black-eyed bean flour and mango skin.

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