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Pasta with Wheat Germ 

Pasta with Wheat germ Flour:                                               

Considering that in today's world, the people's diets have inadequate vitamins and minerals to supply body health and a great percentage of it is fat and food with high quantity but low quality, wheat germ has been in the center of attention for nutrition experts. Despite inappropriate and common nutrition in Iran, consumption of germs seems important because they are accessible, inexpensive and healthful. Also, they could supply many substances needed by body such as various vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Wheat germ is a small part of wheat grain which composes approximately 2.5 percent of the whole grain weight. This part which looks small could be a valuable synthesis including protein, unsaturated fat acids, and vitamins of group E (including anti-oxidants), vitamins of group B, minerals and dietary fibers which have made the nutrition experts consider it as an organic nutritional source.

The protein level in wheat grain is 28% which is more than the one in meat. Considering the nutritional value, wheat germ protein is equal to animal protein and also contains vital amino acids (human body cannot produce them).

The nutritional value of wheat grain increases when it germinates, even its vitamins of group B increases. Therefore, it is considered as an important source of vitamins. Vitamins of group B have an essential role on nerve system and its inadequacy cause malformation of neural units and the person loses his tranquility.

Wheat germ is full of vitamin E which is known to be miraculous and elixir.

Consuming wheat germ in pasta products could help the kids with malnutrition. It also increases the milk in breasts and significantly decreases blood cholesterol. Further positive effects of this pasta are: eliminating the risk of cardiovascular diseases, treating hair-loss, treating hair dandruff, and face pimples.

Wheat germ contains lots of zinc, so consuming 'wheat germ pasta' could heal the wounds in adults and affect the ones with infectious diseases.

The other advantages of this pasta consumption are bone density increase and immunity against osteoporosis. Wheat germ neutralizes free radicals, saves vein resiliency, emits blood to brain and nerve more efficiently, and also directly prevents memory loss.

Consuming wheat germ pasta is effective for insomnia and pre-mature menopause. Besides, since wheat germ is rich in vitamin A, it enhances eye-sight, kids' growth, skin freshness and lung health.

Wheat germ has a lot of fiber and water, so consuming wheat germ pasta helps the stool excrete thoroughly which prevents large intestine cancer.

One of the important issues in keeping wheat germ pasta is considering the expire date which is expected to be 6 months for having oxidative materials.