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A Review on Probiotic Products on the Basis of Grain

Nowadays the health of digestion system is considered as a key factor in producing pragmatic food. It has been for years that human being has been willing to consume fermentative products for their nutritious material effective for health. Healthful effects of pragmatic fermentative products are either directly for micro-organism, bacteria, fermentative and their function in the host’s body (probiotic effect) or indirectly for their products produced from metabolites during fermentation process ( biogenetic effect). The biogenetic properties of fermentative pragmatic food are like specific vitamins, organic acids or fatty acids during fermentation process because of the produced probiotic bacteria of life-active metabolites. Since the products with the grain basis have more probiotic livability than the dairies, also they own appropriate sensory properties and they are richer in vitamins, diet fibers, minerals compared to the dairies. The objective of this article is a review on the use of probiotics in non-dairy fermentative products such as grains.

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