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Whole Wheat Pasta 

Whole Wheat Pasta:                                                          

Bran is the hard external layer of wheat grain which composes almost 14.5 percent of the grain's weight. It is a rich source of dietary fibers, starch, protein, vitamins, and minerals.Because wheat branis rich in vitamins and minerals, it is obvious that the more complete the consumed flour, the more percentage of branexists in flour. Therefore, the final product would contain more sub-nutritionals.

Consuming whole wheat pasta in diets is a way of being healthy. Most of the healthful components and proteins of wheat grain is lost during milling, but since whole wheat is used in the process of whole wheat pasta production, this could lead to an elevation in its nutritional value. Whole wheat pasta is pasta which is derived from wheat which means that its flour consists of crust, germ, and wheat endosperm. Regarding fiber and minerals, this kind of pasta is richer than the derived null flour and is considerably different in structure and taste.

The functional properties of these kinds of pasta are:

10 Declining arteries obstruction and heart-attack

2) Preventing prostate and womb cancer

3) Declining blood cholesterol

4) Preventing diabetes type 2

5) Declining asthma affliction in childhood

6) Preventing constipation and other large intestine diseases

7) Losing weight for feeling full after consumption

8) Declining the risk of osteoporosis