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Use of Microencapsulation in Making Probiotic Bacteria in Pasta Production

On one side, the global popularity of probiotic products and on the other side the low livability in food material and digestion system all have propelled the researchers toward new techniques to enhance their livability. Pasta is a healthful food in human communities which is popular for being economical, easy to use and in different shapes.To use probiotics in grain products like pasta, it is necessary to eliminate the current restrictions. Therefore, in order to preserve probiotics in pasta industry, microencapsulation of bacteria bacillus coagulansand adding that to pasta could be a practical method to save the functional bacteria’s livability in inappropriate conditions of production as well as digestion system and to enjoy pasta’s nutritional value. This article is a study of different methods in making probiotic bacteria resistant by means of microencapsulation and finally the use of this method in pasta production.

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