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http://www.ift.org Institute of Food Technologists

This website belongs to training-scientific board of technology and America’s food science. There are daily information relevant to America’s sources and publications of food industry, news of annual meetings and fairs regarding food science, information about developing plants of professional food science, and guidelines for many networks department on food science and industry.

http://www.fao.org Food and Agricultural Organization of UN

By visiting this website you could access all information in different departments of UN’s food organization and all publications of the organization.

http://www.isiri.org/Portal/Home National Standard and Research Industry of Iran Organization

This website presents various sections such as requesting patent, export and import regulations, requesting proposal compilation, patents for application of standard signs and laboratory service tariff.

http://www.fda.gov US Food and Drug Administration

US food and drug administration is an institution which depends on US Health n\and Human Service Ministry. This center’s task is to control and confirm different medical, health, food and vaccination products. According to this, this website includes the departments of food, drug, poultry, cosmetics and also medical appliances.

http://www.codexalimentarius.org International Food Codex

Codex is called collecting and confirming food science standards and also presenting them as a unit. This commission provides international standards of many food products and special material such as remains of pesticides, food additives, livestock drug, food contaminators and labeling.

http://www.who.int/en World Health Organization

This website belongs to World Health Organization in which there are precious health medical issues and articles. By visiting this site, you can get issues regarding health which is studied by this organization.

http://www.foodkeys.com Food Industry Reference of Iran

This website is one of the most practical websites in food industry which provides the necessary information to the users in all fields such as government’s food industry. You can access information regarding production, commerce like database of food producers and machinery manufacturers, service information such as food industry training courses, food quality control laboratories, as well as relevant issues. Users can gain further information by getting advice of the counselors in various fields.

http://www.cimmyt.org Wheat and Corn Modification International Center

“Cimmyt” is one of the important research-agricultural centers whose most activity is focused on wheat and corn. The activities of “cimmyt” are developing wheat and corn resistant against pest, diseases, collecting and using genetic sources of wheat and corn from different parts of the world, enhancing efficiency of systems producing wheat and corn, presenting educational and applied courses transmitting technology in agricultural issues among the countries which are the center’s members, presenting efficient research proposals regarding wheat and corn.

http://fdo.behdasht.gov.ir Food and Drug Organization

This website includes sections such as functional food, food ingredients and packing, modified food, food safety and healthfulness, international activities, labeling, enriched food, committees, seminars, and congresses.

http://www.iranfoodnews.com Iran’s First Food News

In this site, you can access various news such as food industry, currency, auctions and tenders, different tariffs and instructions of food and drug, centers of distributing food material, machinery and agricultural equipment.

http://www.agrofoodnews.com Food and Agricultural News Website

In this website you can get various news in food industry, nutrition and health, fishery, gardening, agricultural and fairs and seminars.

http://www.iranmachinery.com Iran’s Machinery Database

In this website, you can get technical information about internal and external machinery, introducing machine producers, relevant internal and external companies, presenting industrial and counseling schemes, internal purchase and importing from all countries.