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The 9th Golden Statue Award was given to Zar Macaron and its 1st certificate to Zar Flour Co
2/29/2016 | News Group :
For the ninth consecutive year golden statue consumer rights was granted to Zar Industrial Companies.
National Award for Business Excellence, 3 Stars was taken by Zar Macaron Industrial Company
2/24/2016 | News Group :
At the 13th conference of Business Excellence National Award for, 3 stars certificate was given to Mr.Arash Soltani, Zar Macaron’s director.
Deputy Head of Presidential Administration: Zar refinery grain is a rare and valuable sample in Technology
2/4/2016 | News Group :
Deputy Head of Presidential Administration visited Zar industrial Co and said: "Zar refinery grain is a rare and valuable sample in Iran technology, which brought new business, besides internal needs and its productions can be exported to 80 countries directly and indirectly."
Zar Industrial group has joined to the knowledge – Based
2/3/2016 | News Group :
Zar industrial group based on its strong and efficient Research and Development Department was introduced as a knowledge-based company.
European countries are enthusiastic to invest in Zar grains refinery unit..
1/30/2016 | News Group :
With the participation of Zar CEO and BARENTZ’s, one of Netherlands the largest Industrial in the food industry, a memorandum of cooperation and investment was signed in Iran for first time.
Zar Holding is the best in Iran’s food industrial
1/27/2016 | News Group :
At the second International Conference of Iran Holding, holding the development of food industry, Zar Industrial Group was introduced as the country's leading Holding.
Alborz province celebration of the only holder of Export’s Honor Medal in Iran.
1/2/2016 | News Group :
At the ceremony of the top exporters of Alborz province some authorities were presented such as, Dr.Salehabadi, director of Export Development Bank, engineer Ghaemagham, deputy of economic affairs, Mr. Mawdudi, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Business Development aid, engineer Tahaee, Alborz governor, Dr. Movafagh, director of Alborz Industy, Mine and Trade organization.
By attending of the Cabinet members at the first phase of Zar grains refinery was run
12/9/2015 | News Group :
The first phase of the Zar grains refinery was started by attending of Dr. Jahangiri, the First Vice-President, Dr. Surena Sattari Science and Technology Vice President, Dr. S. Hosseini president and board member of the National Development Fund, Mr. Hojati, Minister of Agriculture, Mr.Haji Mirzaee cabinet secretary, Mr. Seyed Hamid Tahaee Alborz governor and a group of deputies and high-ranking managers.