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Archive News August 1392
Zar research groups and industrial development in the 21th National fair of Food Science
the 21th National fair of Food Science Zar department of Industrial Development and Research in sponsorship and presentation was held at the University of Shiraz .The objective of the fair was exchange of information and talk and show the new findings.
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Iran's non-oil production across the Great Wall of China
Zar Macaron Industrial Group was able to export the product s to China for the first time. They follow the international market’s exports.
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It’s the time to support the economy development
According to the report in the ceremony, head of Standard organization, Mr.Barzegar ; chair man of Zar group, Mr. Soltani , and some experts were present in Alborz state. Then, they praised some grate producers.
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Leadership of Zar Macaron
Zar Macaron Industrial Company has achieved the patent for omitting pasta mold dough in production lines after long stopping.
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Zar Macaron has made an advanced shrink packaging system
Zar Macaron Company was succeed to produce an advanced shrink packaging system, which is twice faster than the others in Iran.
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Another honor of Zar Group
Researcher of Zar group after working hard, they could invent the sweep-silo auger to clean wheat’s silo.
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Latest News
The 9th Golden Statue Award was given to Zar Macaron and its 1st certificate to Zar Flour Co
National Award for Business Excellence, 3 Stars was taken by Zar Macaron Industrial Company
Deputy Head of Presidential Administration: Zar refinery grain is a rare and valuable sample in Technology
Zar Industrial group has joined to the knowledge – Based
European countries are enthusiastic to invest in Zar grains refinery unit..
Zar Holding is the best in Iran’s food industrial
Alborz province celebration of the only holder of Export’s Honor Medal in Iran.
By attending of the Cabinet members at the first phase of Zar grains refinery was run
Morteza Soltani, a national entrepreneur and owner of the 8 national elite, due to special considerations in exports, received the Medal of Honor in Iran.
Zar Macaron, pasta industry leader of Iran, was shone in World Food Day‘s occasion
Zar Macaron was chosen as the top standard of the country.
Mr.Morteza Soltani was selected as a Board of Directors by unanimous vote of the ...
Zar Macaron will build the special storing silos in the port of Noshahr
Zarmacaron has selected as the top industrial unit
Zarmacaron has selected as the top industrial unit.